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What specialty coffee is?

The first big difference is the freshness. The amount of time from when the green coffee is purchased, to the time it was roasted, to when it gets bagged and loaded on trucks, sent to stock rooms at stores, wait for existing supply to finish, then gets shelved in the back and slowly moves its way to the front. It could be six months or more for that whole process to play out! While coffee is pretty much shelf stable for one years time, its window for optimal flavor is around 2-3 weeks from the roast date.

The second and probably biggest difference between specialty coffee and the stuff from grocery stores is the beans themselves. For coffee to be labeled specialty grade it must have a cupping score of 80 or higher. The stuff on the grocery shelves is more commodity coffee, bought at a low price, roasted in giant batches, ground, then shipped out. It has to be cheap coffee, how else are the big companies like Starbucks supposed to pay all of the middlemen and still turn a profit?

Our Farm to Cup Journey

Transparency, traceability and quality have been our focus since we started. We cup hundreds of samples to find the very best coffees India has to offer and the coffee we source, is the coffee we like to drink!

We have direct trade relationships with leading Indian states

Our team of Q-Graders leads our sourcing to ensure high-quality specialty grade lots

We roast our coffee fresh on Probat machines with specific profiles designed to highlight unique flavours

Every batch is quality control evaluated prior to dispatch

We Donate some percentage of sales to the "Tunnel to Towers Foundation"